Thulawa Association

The Thulawa Association, established by the Faculty of Law at University of Colombo, aims to educate citizens on legal knowledge and create a law-abiding society. The Thulawa Law Magazine, an official student publication, was first published in 2016 and aims to provide comprehensive legal knowledge to the public.


The authority in a State emanates from three primary sources: the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The legislature is responsible for enacting laws, the executive branch is tasked with law enforcement, and the judiciary administers justice.


Law is sourced of three sources of power in a State: the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. Legislation is enacted through the legislature, law enforcement is through the executive, and justice is administered through the judiciary

Thulawa Law Magazine is the official student publication of the Law Faculty of Colombo University, the only law faculty in Sri Lanka's public university system. The socialization of law through a lasting and practical method is necessary to provide comprehensive legal knowledge that affects the entire student community of the college and the entire Sri Lankan society.​